2017 has finally arrived; a few days into this year and you see people making new resolutions; abandoning the ones that didn’t work and embracing a fresh new slate where they can carve their new beginnings. And so, as you see around your world, everyone wants to make an impact in their fields. What’s even noticeable is that you see some kind of a unique personal brand persona in every individual – via their passions, intentions, business goals, personality, or merely by having a talk.


Going to the next league of excellence is something every [ business and personal] brand wants to make. And being on top of your brand ecosystem or a circle of influence that you have made for yourself over a period of time is a constant but a persistent chase. But with the competition stakes so high, how do you stand a chance to be noticed, let alone be acknowledged and remembered?


Give, expand and accelerate. Simple.


The simple act of giving compounds into a value-packed business proposition for people to start noticing you and eventually contacting you to work together on a project or a consulting assignment.


By giving – in the form of freebies like a free e-book to volunteering to be a part of a group/ community to speaking at a conference to hacking for coffee with someone to writing for a publication to helping your colleagues in a project or an initiative– your mini-steps towards building a relationship (business or personal) helps people recall you in that context.


You don’t just make a space in their calendars but are also perceived as a [humble] thought leader. Your brand persona shines in a stream of seemingly surface conversations that lack depth, meaning, and resonance. This is precisely how people remember you: for your act of giving.


Now comes expanding your act of giving: you start networking with people with this one focused act – and you see people scouting for your perspective in a huge conference or an event, or even a brainstorming workshop session.


What’s more? When you make this a habit, it becomes a part of you and the way your brand operates, giving you numerous quantitative and qualitative benefits of getting more business and positioning your brand as useful and valuable. Which leads us to the final part: you accelerate to the next level of building a bigger and a cogent brand vision for yourself that impacts your personal brand’s equity in the market.


How are you making your brand more memorable?


Let me know!