Being on a mission is unlocking your internal spiritual pharmacy to navigate the obstacles that come your way.

My mother always says, ‘People take up jobs, I take up mission’. 

Now this cannot ring more true than the very time I am writing this blog post.

This doesn’t mean that people who have jobs don’t have a mission. It just means if you truly marvel at your purpose, you discover your mission your soul was put on this planet to do.

As an owner or as an executive, being a missionary solves world’s hardest problems in the most deserving and decided way.

Your mission becomes your work, and you spread your light everywhere!

More on finding your purpose and potential in my upcoming book.

Stay tuned!

And believe me, when you treat things like they are designed to come to your life at a given point of time, you need to know that, that is what your mission wants to embody your potential for something bigger than you’d ever thought!

Personally, I feel that I am a ‘brand spiritualist’. How about you?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash