As I write this I’m sitting in my favourite cafe by the name of Rose Cafe. It brings resplendence in my soul. It ushers in a new me: for my creation time as I love writing blogs here.

I read an amazing Instagram post by Peaceful Barbara which says, ‘Solitude is an upgrade’.

Let this sink in again: Solitude is an upgrade. I’ve felt it deep in my bones just how cathartic this saying is.

I’ve never been in more love with myself as I am now – Me and my solitude.

Solitude is the key to unlocking your most innate thoughts, ideas and philosophies. This is the time you can grab your spiced tea and think of how far you have come in your life. You embrace the positive life memorabilia you have created for yourself. No matter how insignificant but when it comes in your aperture, you find the real grace and blessings there of the beautiful, valuable minutiae.

Quite contrary to feeling a sense of loneliness as you adorn solitude, you actually uncover many versions of you that need your listening so that you can tune in to your own higher guidance. You can start from a place of gratitude and see the beautiful optimistic world around you.

In solitude, you find yourself.

In solitude, you figure out if you’re still in alignment with your highest values and principles that you so convincingly believe in.

In solitude, you invite the light to peer in with new divine distillations for your life.

In solitude, you welcome divergent thinking and welcome more perspectives that you initially thought you can’t tend to.

In solitude, you value emotions and feelings to be felt and processed, so that people around you feel comforted and taken care of while you also take care of yourself.

In solitude, you personal growth propels to new heights.

These are just some of the benefits of reflection in solitude. I urge you to park some time for your ‘solitude’ to process some tough things that have happened to you. And, as you process them, upgrade your worldview and listen to your personal insights.

When you have the important learnings in your mind, apply them dutifully to your storytelling so that more people can find a ground to communicate and relate with you.

So: what are you doing with your solitude time?

Just thinking is also great though. Mind is a prodigy, listen to it, and then little again – this is your growth, one reflection at a time.

Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash