Your Brand Booster Manual Essentials E-book

Your Brand
Booster Manual: 8 Essentials To Personal Branding Success

Reader, writer, doer – I love communicating stories of entrepreneurs, executives, solopreneurs, startups, and emerging businesses that speak from their core – their place of truth, purpose, meaning. In effect, I help them in finding their voice that reflects in their narrative (aka content).

Why you need this book?

As a personal brand, this book enables you to share your voice with your audience. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, business executive, solopreneur or an individual beaming with new ideas to grow, this book shows you how to build a solid thought leadership in your business arena. This book empowers you to create a thriving brand in a competitive business world.

About me
Reader, writer, doer — Aditi is a marketing and personal branding strategist who loves building thought leadership content for purpose-led brands. Interested in conducting a branding + personal growth + executive communication session or have Aditi speak at your next event/conference/company offsite/ company talk?

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Who specifically is this book for?

If you want to share your knowledge with the world in your own unique way, this book is for you. Like it or not, you are already a personal brand. Then why not shape your brand narrative consciously and authentically with your audience? You don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur to buy this book. As long as you have ideas, worldviews and philosophies that you want to share via the power of personal branding content, look no further – you have arrived at the right place with the right book!

How can I apply this book into my work-life?

This book has 8 chapters distilled with takeaways and action steps called ‘Muse in Action’ at the end of each chapter for you to apply immediately as a brand + business practitioner.

Is this manual evergreen or dynamic in its messages?

This ebook manual is mostly codified from the brand-think perspective, however, the social media platforms’ content can change given the overhauls done in them – like Twitter (Now, X), Instagram, and Facebook (Now, Meta). As long as you know what is codified and what is tactical from the branding standpoint, you can build anything that you envision.