We all are ambitious in some way or the other.

While it’s great to have plenty of initiative and drive for our work; we should also define what success looks to us at a given point of time.


By defining what’s enough to you. 

By setting our boundaries and optimising our energies towards our work – ensuring that we chase what we choose to chase, and then let our work speak for itself.

The ultimate flywheel is when our love for work is made visible, but with its focussed pursuit and vision.

I loved the book called Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth. The book has a mention of distributive design, which by its very conceptual understanding meant that wealth should also be apportioned equitably.

Our enough’s can also give work a flexible meaning of being ambitious and also being a wise limit to what we passionately pursue.

Ambition should not come at the cost of health and healthy work spirit.

We should apply the concept of distributive design towards our energy levels as well.

When you know your ‘enough’, you can calibrate on how you want to apply your energy towards your work without burning out and wallowing in. Better out, rally in your people towards a collective work ambition so that you are able to reach your enough with a sense of co-creation and community-driven spirit.

Don’t stress about being the next big billionaire. Have genuine immersion in what makes you, ‘you’ and then go for it.

Be good. Set better enough’s. And then, focus on genuine growth and advancement. Try being anonymous but relevant to your audience and community. (Loved this anonymity part and of ‘be gone’ by Justin Welsh in his LinkedIn post.)

That’s when this enough will keep you content and purposeful – and most of all, holistically healthy!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash