I read an amazing LinkedIn post by Justin Welsh that says, ‘Your followers are a count/ number, your community is your asset’ – which extends to say they (aka your community) are your brand’s true evangelists and espousers.

Even if you have massive followers, but no engagement and brand shapers, in the end it is a facade that your audience witnesses. But if you have a loyal following – say, of even 50-60 members – who feel delighted to learn more about you, your story and your business, that’s your sweet and stable haven. Isn’t this a combination we all would love to have?

I personally am very picky about the communities I join and advocate about; that said, I am a loyal Ziva fan and promoter of this meditation practice in which I graduated in 2020.


  1. Joining the Ziva community gave me insights and tools to take my meditation practice dutifully over a period of time. I’m a proud daily twice a day Ziva meditator!
  2. Community should also be a community of practice and shared values, so you can share your personal stories and narratives grounded in a feeling of honest energy around the topics that need your deliberation.
  3. A family that has radical candor and commitment to achieve collective goals is when a community is born where our diversity of worldview and values alignment are cherished with confidence and care.

So, when you think about community – you think long-term and in a sustainable way. Whereas when it comes to your followers, you may like the short-term shine, but progressively validate those followers with your brand message and how well they sync with it in your social media content. Engagement, even slow but sure, can help you exist in the long-term and focus on building your brand with love and care.

Takeaway? Invest in your community. They will always have your back even when there are business aberrations in your entrepreneurial or professional journey. Your story telling is a collective directional narrative that your community shapes over a period of time. 

Wouldn’t you love this story that unfolds with optimism and love that your community pours on you, even  in days when you just didn’t expect any reciprocity?

I do.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash