Isn’t this a classic song by Roxette?

Certainly my favourite! – talk about how a song’s meaning can have an impact on your personal branding efforts.

While Mind can be a great vehicle of communication when we operate from the origins of logic, but delving deep inside your heart is where the real hidden gems are. 

Every idea, though starting from a rationale of thinking has its semblance with how your heart processes the emotion of that thought-process.

In a world inundated with brands talking and promoting themselves, what wins in the end is how you make your customers feel about the experience you endow them with.

Your real customer is as close as how you make them feel their feelings when they experience your brand and your story on the web.

Go for individual emotional satisfaction over scale initially. And then, understand the emotional pattern of your cohort over a period of time to scale what sticks with your audience/ customers.

Take inspiration from what cult best describes you – could be a song, a community, a design, a book, etc – and then understand the emotional energy that best reflects your personal brand.

It is then you start embedding this social yet personal inspiration into your sonic elements of branding, written version and visual aesthetics.

Listen to your heart, folks! That’s the collective, emotive force for you.

And also the song, tune in!

Photo by Ryan ‘O’ Niel on Unsplash