No matter what your age may be, you never stop learning and pivoting and growing.

But, the more we graduate into our years, we realise that we need to pay an impetus on how we work, given that our energy also has a finite capacity.

As the old saying goes: ‘What you dwell on grows’.

In a world of possibilities, the one you relentlessly focus on, oftentimes than not manifests into an outcome we thing subconsciously of.

Our ambitions over our lifetime change given that we are evolving beings. Our ‘hustling’ mentality of our 20s take a different shape and definition when we are in our 30s and things keeps changing over time.

So you need to be careful and wise on what you are working, so that your energy births what your soul craves to create.

Here are 3 ways you can manifest your ambition with the energy it wants to communicate with:

  1. Meditate. So, meditation has  more spiritual implications than we think. When we meditate, our consciousness is deeper and has natural responsive state where you find out about what intrigues you and what grounds you in your mission. You find your voice by going deep inside your physiology and source of being to learn about your ‘ambitions’. This is when your soul guides you to discern how your ambitions vibrate on a spiritual level. It is then you apply it in your work and life. And this ambition energy becomes the creative force for you as a soulful brand.
  2. Triangulate on your ambition by reading books. Books are the best doors to spiritual illumination and exploration of our inner selves. They help you learn what people have done in their lives to create something meaningful. As you read more books, you rationalise on your ambition as to whether it truly gives you the energy to continue in the long-term or not. Books are the best form of a/b testing on how validated and meaningful your ambition is. When you learn from other people’s experiences, it gives you the learnings to execute on things that matter to you on the most fundamental level.
  3. What do you get up to on an auto-pilot basis. Understand your natural inclination towards your ambitions. You may not want to be the next millionaire, but you still have high-energy to apply your ambitions to things that solve a problem or make people feel better. What excites you even on gloomy days? What keeps you ticking even when you want to procrastinate? Find that point of purpose and let the muse flow!

What ambitions of yours are you excited to achieve?

Photo by Audri Van Gores on Unsplash