Have you ever noticed how powerful our thoughts and energies are?

The universe is a cultivation of our energy. And it is a perfect accountant of our mental health and fitness.

Whatever energy you exude, is the energy you attract.

Our frequency is nothing but the power of connecting with our higher selves and also being aware of the bigger consciousness that makes us ‘tick’ on this planet.

So imagine this: You listen to a song which your lover dedicated to you. And then you suddenly go into that frequency of those memories when you were with him/her.

Or certain thoughts that we numbed and they come to surface when you tune into your true frequency: of love, compassion, and faith, and bliss!

These are not just esoteric moments; these frequencies cloth our souls so beautifully.

When you meet people, you mutually tune into that anchor frequency that takes care of the flow of the conversation.

As can be applied to your personal branding conduct: tune into that frequency that describes the whole of you – the latent, the visceral, the enthusiastic, even dramatic but real you. And the let nature do its job of connecting you with your loving audience.

Your frequency is something people will remember you for. Because being true to your energy paves way for natural traction that our soul wants to communicate in our existence.

Being untrue to your frequency derails your spiritual growth and keeps our stale.

But being true to our frequency helps us thrive in our existence and teaches our lessons for our us to become the version of ourselves.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash