Let’s face it: We all need financial peace of mind. When we don’t have the financial security, our lives go for a topsy-turvy, and we are barely feeling at peace with ourselves. A few days and weeks into this financial rumination, we become stressed and helpless.

At some point in time, we all face this grim situation.

It is how we respond to this is what matters.

So how do you pace up with this crisis?

Of course, I would urge you to be independent while you are at it and reach out to your network for some gig/ freelancer work in your niche. But I would also urge you to start working on your personal brand – build a genuine influence with your voice instead of amassing a numerate following for the sake of letting your pompousness shine without making a fair dime.


Develop a learning mindset.

Make every aspect of our life more enriched and figureoutable by listening to audiobooks, reading paperback books, and being a part of events to learn new developments and trends taking place in your industry.

It has been scientifically proven that learning something about what interests you and makes you curious reduces your stress and surprisingly keeps you focused enough to find solutions for your life and business problems.

A learning mind can help you stay grounded and create exemplary content in your industry.

Even writing a 6-10 decent, informative and well-research articles on your subject as a result of being an observer and keen seeker for knowledge and information in your in industry can position you as a thought leader.

Learning feeds our seeking system…to learn more of something. This is how curiosity of learning something new can expand our mind’s aperture. This is called ‘learning peace of mind’ – that is, when you are intentionally curious about what you implicitly want to learn, unlearn and relearn. It is about tapping into your natural curiosity for subjects that you want to immerse yourself into.

And so, whenever you feel anxious or nervous, reach out to the source of worry, in the context of which, find a learning resources to nourish your mind and help it relax. Most of our problems  – be it financial or otherwise are already being experienced by someone on this planet. So learn from others’ experiences and shape your life with the new found wisdom to crack open new possibilities to grow.

Your ability to be like a sponge in these learning times emboldens you to stay strong and recover from any financial misery. Go ahead and quote your price – because this time (as I read somewhere), you are an effective beginner!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash