The Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth L Buelow is a masterpiece. In it, I learned the importance of honouring your highest self; draws a deeper meaning of authenticity.

Life can be difficult and challenging, and it is in that rumination we seek growth and understanding of our higher selves.

Even beyond compassion for ourselves is accepting clarity of who we are. Whenever we have clarity of our highest purpose, for which are on this planet, we start to sync our individuality with the ultimate truth of totality.

You see, this sounds visceral, but it is grounding and liberating to know that we all have our ingrained values – which some of us discover while we are granted with situational awareness, and some discover in the act of service.

In these trying situations, we get to embody our deepest virtues and servitude.

Some of our ideals evolve with time, while some are codified in our integrity to speak the truth of our existence.

Whenever we are jolted with upheavals, we are also greeted with information that can change us for the better.

In the book ‘Learn Like A Leader’, there’s a section called ‘Everything Counts’. It observes that it is not just the performance that counts, but also the toil and the sweat of the undercurrents of progress that makes its place when we express our experience.

It is then this progress helps us make better decisions in business and life. It is then, when we meet our higher self with a refreshing view of the world. 

Clarity of our highest self removes anxiety and only keeps the good excitement and enthusiasm that keeps our nervous system grounded and composed.

As for the problems and conflicts that arise, when we seek the truth of ourselves, we eventually make long-term, sustainable decisions that don’t make us regret deep inside.

Be a pitcher of truth and honour who you really are – and see how effortlessly you will give your life a deeper meaning and restoration in its entirety. You will also park good deeds owing to listing and tuning into the goodness of seeking your higher self. (Affirmation: Your higher self is a beacon of goodness and illumination.) Plug this in your personal branding aperture and see how you story reveals ways for your audience to also tune into their deeper brand consciousness.