The word pedestrian doesn’t sound like quite routine or regimented.

Instead, it opens us the cadence with which we show up in this world.

So: what is pedestrian passion.

It is your daily mojo-like, ‘autopilot sort of personal being sport’. Something which keeps us interested even when we don’t quite feel ourselves, given the demands and expectations of life.

Now that I have mentioned about this much-coined word, that is, pedestrian passion, I will let you in on what’s mine consistently inhabiting its provision in my life for more than 12 years. 

And that is – observation.

I’ve been closely, passively and sometimes actively observing things, people, places and experiences of mine and others’ lives.

You see, observation is not just ‘looking out’ or seeing people, it is engaging your senses and understand the unspoken language of people when they talk, see, and generally behave in a setting.

Sometimes, whet we see may not be the truth, but when people communicate and when we observe with an intention to understanding the bigger truth, we become emotionally aware and grounded.

Well, this is my pedestrian passion, and it helps me reframe my perspective about life in general when I simply observe instead of casting my judgemental vote about people.

What’s yours?

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash