Your customers are the life force for your organisation.

And so, keeping them happy and satiated is crucial to ensure not just profits but also brand impact.

Here are 3 ways in which you can have a meaningful conversation with your customers:

  1. Talk functional, Express Emotional. While your product’s features and functionalities are the cornerstone for successful customer retention, you need to heighten the emotion behind why your functional benefits are not just routine product/ solution talk. What you express through your product/ solution in terms of the total quality experience is the real deal.
  2. Post-sales experience. We all feel happy when we make the sale and raise our PO and payments, but it is equally important to ask your customers how they felt the onboarding process was. Ask them what engages them and what didn’t quite fit the bill of their buying expectations. Once you ask these hard questions, you become a soundboard of making other prospective customers not go through this grind.
  3. Did they sleep well? Ask your customers if they have beautiful and satiating sleep as that talks volumes about the customer service you provide. Now this doesn’t mean you take the inroads to their personal life, but just caring to ask how much relived they feel after using your services can give you new information on how effective your narrative can be on the web. Your best social validation are your happy customers, so do this job pretty dang well!

So a meaningful conversation with your customers has many facets: personal, emotional, and general. Simply caring for them even if sometimes they are already happy with your service can help you unlock new opportunities for your business, as well as one that benefits them too!

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash