I’ve been thinking about desire (thinking, you ask?) – yes, something which keeps us ticking, living and navigating this world.

But there’s more. There’s more to desire than that burning penchant to achieve our dreams and manifest the reality we all innately envision.

And that is: information more than the language we understand.

Let that sink in for a bit.

I recently tuned into Emily Fletcher’s podcast on ‘Why isn’t everyone doing this’ – and gracious, it is so grounding and surreal and inspiring and uplifting!

In her podcast conversation with Vylana Marcus – she talked about the beauty of sound vibration, and how that can elevate our consciousness and operate on a level where we feel protected by Mother Nature yet achieve our ‘dream reality’.

Vylana’s music and alchemy of sound stirred me to learn that even music can be thought of a unique language that can sink in with everyone differently yet resonate in a grounding manner. Every bit of reception is the language that we understand, but what is unsaid, unexpressed is the real nature of desire.

While desire tunes us into our deepest held ambitions and privileges we seek in our lives; we should innately know that nature has more information. The simple act of our living is our baseline consciousness. 

We connect to our higher selves by tuning into our own information that our language of desire speaks to our humble mind thinks it knows, while still discovering as it reveals this ‘translation of what we want’.

Our brand-speak is actually the language of our desire: the information that our experience delivers through unspoken yet existing emotions, compassion and a sense of relatedness in world which sometimes feel achingly reclusive.

So don’t underestimate the unarticulated vulnerabilities and what your brand ardently wishes to create. Desire is the beacon of your efforts; information is the fuel that keeps you marching all along the way. 

So listen carefully to your whole and visceral self – chances are you are already tuned into this information that this desire has for you.

What’s bringing you back to life lately?

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash