So I have an affable connection with cafes – I mean who doesn’t like a freshly served ginger ale or a nice cup of masala chai?

But visiting cafes is not just about getting unreasonable hospitality. It’s about discovering the latent solitude that your soul wants to experience to process the unprocessed.

I recently met a person in my fav cafe (like to keep it a secret), who unexpectedly visited me there. The common connection palette was the garlic bread – which, much to my pleasantness, I liked sharing with him.

Upon further unlayering of our conversations, he told me that he is undergoing a brutal divorce, is constantly worried (although he didn’t mean to be explicit about it), and was going through an inner turmoil of whether he should go back to her or not.

And just a bit of context, we met on a dating app, we connected on Instagram, and here he was sharing his plight with me.

Before his visit, I did have an emotional history with someone who I met in the same cafe. But, I felt so light and good when we shared the meal, talked about nothing, and routed for our ways back home.

And, then the waiters came up to me when he left the cafe and said that he has already paid them enough for me to savour another bite of whatever I wished to had.

Now why I am narrating this beautiful episode of my life to you?

I felt I met a good human who was just too engulfed in life misery. And he has good energies when he was reciprocating, which made me feel that I am good enough to be loved and to love back – without any expectations.

Oftentimes, these experiences teach us about embracing all good and no-so-good brand experiences. They, in totality, are in sync with our broader worldviews.

There’s one thing and we are all it – and that is energy (I love this quote by Emily Fletcher).

And sometimes we need the courage to experience something more courageous than us, that’s when we feel more awakened and more powerful in our veins.

Our personal brands are energy in motion – sometimes a bit of us, and sometimes a bit of ‘it’ – the entirety of the cosmos.

I urge you to embrace the bigger version of yourself and embrace the unknown to truly discover what a beautiful gem you are!

Well, this was my revelation: to be the whole version of you and cultivate the courage to see the other side, so you can find yourself in this process.

Which cafe do you like purging at? 🙂

 Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash