You must have heard of seeing the good in people – both in work and life.

This is because its these people behind those logos you see everyday who make these brands – what I clearly affirm as souls.

Every brand soul has an expression. Every logo has a promise. And it is these people  – aka the brand custodians – be it whoever influences the brand in a positive way that matters to us.

Now in the context of consumer brands – this holds true even more.

Essentially, as we go deeper, we all are human brands – and the emotion we exude talks about our energy and connection potency.

So how do we start to make this thing called ‘see the good in people and brands’ as a genuine gesture?

Leave a gratitude review for the brands that have shaped you over a period of time. 

Every store visit. Every new purchase. Every new delicacy you have – just let the people behind those experiences know how grateful you are to experience it in your own unique way.

You see, gratitude urges us to see the good anyway. So why not exercise it wherever we go?

Isn’t there already hordes of toxicity out there ruining brands in ways they didn’t think of earlier?

It’s easy to point out flaws, as we all have a competition-to-be-known bias of how good we are with our opinions. So why not see what was that one that thing that you felt good about that particular brand and outline that in your reviews, so that this respective brands can double down on their uniqueness and strengths?

Be kind. Be caring. Be thoughtful.

There’s a lot of beautiful things that still haven’t come in your aperture. Widen you view. Cherish the good. That’s all that lasts.

I love you.

Photo by Copper and Wild on Unsplash