Today is special for me – I am completing 2 years of blogging this very day. And truth be told, I have evolved as a writer. I just wanted to take this moment and thank all of you for giving me so much of love and affection.

I am sure there are some who liked my writing and some kind of noticed it if not liked it; honestly, I thank you regardless.

As I am writing this, I did deduce some learnings over this period of consistent writing every Saturday (I might change my schedule if you want me to publish some other day, otherwise I am happy writing on Saturdays J ).

So here are key lessons to takeaway that might just be useful for you, too.

  • Have your own powerful voice amidst the online writing cacophony. If you have been reading my posts, you’d notice I center on personal branding, although I do occasionally touch some peripheral topics. I have always tried to make my writing conversational and reflective of my personal voice. As a result, some of my posts did land up getting read by a lot of people. So shine through your voice – and be proud being a tad bit opinionated; it works!


  • Consistency is gorgeous. Although I am not a famous writer/ blogger over this course of time, but I surmise my posts have always been shown on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn consistently every Saturday morning (occasionally towards the afternoon). So stick to your calendar and abide by your schedule – and show up! Sometimes, the only yardstick that keeps you on top of being visible to your readers, is consistency in writing. Don’t just tell; show up!


  • Be real on social media. When you have something to say, it’s time you talk about it with your network. Instead of just posting your blog on your requisite social media channels, participate in conversations that move you or mean something to you. I’d say add your perspective – say, on Twitter – and tell people why that piece of stream works for you. People look for real connections and real conversations; not just having you as a number in their already big ecosystem.


  • Pause. And reflect. Take a buffer before you write your next post and see what kind of writing is working for your readers. You don’t have to necessarily reach out to millions of voices; sometimes not even thousands; perhaps maybe just a few, but those vital few should be your silent admirers. By deliberately pausing, you tend to capture the deep meaning of resonance with your readers. You gradually start fascinating your audience with your perspective.


  • Be useful. You may not be a renowned author or a blogger, but if you have something to say that you think can add some value to a conversation online; go ahead and share it. The rules of online writing have changed – and only for the better. I believe the rule is simple: be a good variation of being ‘different’ – and by that I mean: just be useful. Well, that is how content flow will be [and is] working: the strong pillars of your knowledge and adding value will define your personal brand’s usefulness, perpetually.

How has your writing changed you?

Here’s to a great 2017….and Happy Writing!