Self marketing

As I finished down a book by Mark SchaeferSocial Media Explained – even though I literally put down the book, the message seems to be etched in my mind: people don’t market B2B, not B2C, but P2P, i.e. person to person. So this is more or less the premise of the blog: why exactly should you metamorphose into a self-marketing yet people to people business community.

There are myriad reasons why one should not self-promote in an outrageous way, but in a distinctly formidable yet a humble manner. To be able to communicate value to another is marketing: period.

However, let’s set the context first: self-marketing is a P2P affair. And although you think this look seemingly simple but it is not easy; it is rather a bit daunting to look at it first.

You are a symbolic embodiment of your attributes – get intense! So how can you make it work for yourself?


An opinion leader. No you are not selling cupcakes or packaging a superfluous marketing mantra and embellishing it with some visual appeal that could instantly trigger the other person for a moment; you are creating value – business and people value. How? Cast your eye on the impact of the message – what possible ramifications will it have on your audience. Say if you are a finance management expert, throw your relentless opinions on how to save people from making outrageous expenses; help them become better personal finance experts so that they grow richer and richer with each passing day. Today having an opinion is goldmine that makes you stand out when the world is sinking into me-too mindset. Whether you sound practical or a bit too grandiose, you should know what intrigues your audience in a given context.

A seeker because everyone counts!

If you think a gatekeeper of a company cannot help you with its next business expansion move or fetch you details about an upcoming project – think again! This is because she is not just a Gate Keeper; she is the manager of first impressions as coined by James Caan. As with the case with anyone who may not be directly connected to you or may seem to have less power or influence in his/her hands but could be the hidden gem who could parlay your efforts into dollars! So remember: everyone counts – in life and business.

A professional in your field.

To some who feel they don’t quite have what it takes to be a professional in a field, find what interests you – even if it’s a bit meekly. But to those who know what they really love, start spreading your thoughts and opinions online. Why? Because you are being watched – all the time! Be it prepping for an interview or landing your first dream client/ passion project – look at every minute detail to the tee to make it as real and engaging as possible for the other person/ audience/ customer.

Able to define ‘only we…’

While all the above how-to’s are important but the most crucial of all is being able to define what is your unique value preposition; i.e. what is it that only you can do – and do it the best! Constantly practice skills that once executed in work can yield unparallel results for your audience.

Ready for your best self?

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