I get it.

It is daunting to get up at 5am in the morning and put on your sneakers and go for a walk or a run.

Even more daunting to go to gym. The feeling is so relatable and so trite, yet we still want to make it different for ourselves.

So what kind of ritual am I talking about?

Yes, it still includes exercise, but focused exercise followed by gratitude and an awesome cup of chai.

Now, this feels a perfect ritual.

But let’s talk about you. You probably would a gymoholic or a cardiac person – well, we all have our comfort oriented exercise regimen – and one shouldn’t leave something just because it is not working for someone else.

And some of you may not be morning people at all. Well that’s fine. If that’s working for your mind, body and soul, I have no complaints. But if you feel you are not ‘fully alive’ to the day’s calling, you would need to change something, right?

So here is a smatter of what I feel morning rituals should include:

  • Walk (your way) out of depression. We all feel low sometimes, but for some the feeling intensifies and becomes a state of mind. So ideally for any age, at any time, one can always for a 30-60 minutes walk. No big deal. Just walk. And walk. You will start seeing clarity in your mind, envisioning the beauty of nature kissing your face and making you free from all the constrictions. And did I miss saying that you feel one with yourself while also gradually losing weight? Do it. And see the difference.
  • Compliment yourself – and others. Be proud that you are alive! Instead of planning your day first thing in the morning, be happy that you are alive to plan it at the first place! Start appreciating the little things in your life that form the perfect miniature of beauty and perfect imperfections that you have been blessed to see and observe.
  • Tea and coffee therapy. Oh yes! I love tea. And coffee. Do you? When you brew that tea in a ‘kulhad’ or the small cup – trust me, it does more than just quenching your caffeine intake. A cup of chai in the morning can actually make you relish the experience of being rewarded. It removes the negativity and apathy that subconsciously you breed inside. How? Emotions move. Whatever emotions you out into making that resplendent cup of chai, they change your palate from dull and morose to being happy and sanguine.

As with an orange juice or lemonade. It can detoxify you first thing in the morning and help in keeping your metabolism at the right pace for the day.

While each individual celebrates his/her morning differently, but more or less these 3 practices will not only prep you up for the day but also make you confident and charismatic in your own skin.


Image courtesy of moggara12at