Career. Life. Business. Relationships. Sometimes everything is a mess.The more they claim our attention, the more frenetic we tend to become.

We are innately low because of our external circumstances (again, sometimes) – but the truth is: it lingers on even if we mentally try to overlook these ordeals.

Arianna Huffington aptly points out in her book,Thrive, how to practice gratitude in your daily life. And to reinforce the true meaning of happiness is being content with ourselves and saying – I am enough! She mentions that the bridge between our sacred inner world and frenetic outer world is unconditional love. It is at the heart of human mystery – and to unravel this mystery is what the happiness project is all about. So the straightforward five word conclusion as per the book is: Happiness is love. Full stop.

We will always – and always – be bombarded with bittersweet instances of varied shades of happiness. You see, it is still happiness. Why? Because once we set our inner compass in the direction of accepting things as the way they are and begin to appreciate the little charms and subtleties in our lives, happiness will find us.

Happiness is not found; it is felt in the memoirs of our lives. It is experienced from within: from an innocent gurgle of a new born baby, to the first feast a poor child could afford, to a woman betrayed by her better half who ultimate found her Mr. Perfect; or to winning a new client in your business; or to a heart moving comment on your blog post that jolts you in happiness and overwhelm at the same time.

Or I should say: ambivalence is what your feel just before your find meaning in every aspect of your life: which gets deduced into meaningful mantras that help you define what a stretch of lips mean.

Being present in the now gives us the comfort of being one with ourselves. By simply focusing on your inhalation and exhalation you are attuned with the now.

Instead of getting affected by the very process of your external stimuli, don’t be perturbed. It is bound to happen. But what you change is your inner self – the true contender of your life with life’s impediments.

It is rightly said that you should feed the positive inner self that practices gratitude, serenity, ambition, intuition and empathy instead of the negative beast hovering its spell in our lives and poisoning the little corners of our mind with sulking negativity. Which one wins? The one who you feed more.

So what this mean?

Happiness is an inside job.

Don’t let wishful thinking or some strange absurdities impede your inner world. Your inner world can conceive and execute the true meaning of happiness.

Stay afloat with your beautiful mind’s inner workings – somehow, somewhere it is taking you closer to your destination: your happiness project.

Let the muse flow from within – and see the real you post whittling your insecurities and doubtful nature. How?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

And see the magic!