And it happened again.


You think you are in a great job – only to realize that it somehow doesn’t serve the purpose of being true to yourself.


Sometimes you feel tormented with the fact that these career accidents happen way too many times so much such that you tend to lose faith in your ambition.


It is recurring – and you really want a panacea to ease things for yourself on the career front: and settle.


But how?


Unsettle. And unsettle often.


Now this sounds a classic oxymoron. But the reality is if you truly want to settle in your career, take some time to shake things up. Build a deliberate momentum – in some cases a well intentioned chaos – to actually (metaphorically) see what dust is whilttling down out of the your career choices filter and what is finally settling in, in your career.


There will be times when you will be inundated with multiple career choices (which is good!): say from writing gig for a fashion brand, to a commission based sales job, to a full time online marketing job. And, did I mention that you also have a little passion baby or a project of our own to reckon with?


While it feels delighted to embrace such an irresistable palate of career choices, but it is – to an extent – seemingly appetizing.


In the context of settling – which means being in perfect alchemy with your skills and an ever-evolving job – your need to flesh out your career stints more intently and seriously as possible.


It is when you unsettle – and question your status-quo – is when you truly contemplate what really matters to you.


By simply being reactive and sinking your feet into a job  – thinking this is all you really envision is a recipe for an unmotivated and mojoless experience. The goal is to be proactive and pick-up career assignments that beckon the very spirit of your craft.


Unsettle for a while and make inroads into new and lateral career avenues until you connect with your potential and calling.


When your craft marries your craftmanship, you need to now know that your setting in – and constantly settling while the fleeting career choices start to vanish.


So jolt yourself, shake things up, question your status-quo, and define your settle and success metric to truly thrive in your career – and life.


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