You are either busy working for someone else. Or you have figured out your own way to make it big. Or maybe you want to try both to see how your brand eventually transpires.

But have you ever wondered while working – either for yourself or someone else – what does it to stand out from the pack and compel people to come to you with business?

The answer is: be humble and helpful.

A lot of us think personal branding is about being too full of ourselves; being into our own skin all the time. But the truth is far from it: you have to be in a way selfless and giving in nature in order to win people’s trust and admiration. You have to be empathetic to discern and decipher your audience’s key challenges and opportunities.

In a world of braggarts and self-proclaimed gurus who claim to be thought leaders in their space, you have to stand out and help people find their reams of thoughtfulness. Help them embrace their calling with a gradual but concrete dose of information that reveals them to their sense of being and purpose.

You see, to be able to shine bright and illuminate your brand, you have to burn and light others’ sense of purpose. How?

Work hard. And be likeable. Instead of claiming authority on your subject, pivot yourself as a genuine learner and student of your craft. That instantly sparks feeling of trust in your audience’s minds when they sense humility and the relentless desire to learn.

Amplify what you are and slowly people will know who you are.

When you deliberately understate yourself and show work that validates your credibility online, people will start to resonate with your personal attributes and consider you a great resource, aka, great brand in action!

Fast track your way to becoming a promising brand that foster others in their pursuit of embracing their best personal + professional version of who they are.

What are you waiting for?

Stay humble, help, and grow!

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