Studying relatable patterns of self-made millionaires is imperative to carve your own entrepreneurial path to success. Why? Because future is of entrepreneurs – and here entrepreneurs is not constricted to people who have a fantastic product or someone who is more innovative; future is of people whose passion and hunger for success is unmatched, and who know how to be personable yet professional in their human and business strategy.

Even people who have a strong career trajectory in some top line blue chip companies are entrepreneurs in their own stand. So what are the common yet not-so-common attributes that set a self-made millionaire stand out of the pack in today’s hyper competitive marketplace? Read on. Millionaires:

Are top salespeople. That’s right – whether you are selling software or a digital media suite to a financial product, you’ve got to have a fair for selling it the right way. And millionaires understand that sales is not sales; sales is engagement; sales is having a meaningful relationship; sales is about projecting your authentic self to the world via your content assets. In other words, they are entrepreneurs of their biggest asset: their personality and competencies.

Consider time as currency; not money. What an ironic statement – but true. For millionaires time is currency; they believe money can be earned again but once their precious time has gone past, they can never earn it back.

Are fitness enthusiasts. Not quite a business concern, but millionaires keep their health and fitness intact to navigate the day’s work challenges and seamlessly operate in their highest productive self.

Believe in the multiplication model. Exercising one skill to the tee and making it come naturally in personal and professional disposition is what sets world-class performers from the pack.

Are voracious readers.  If you read the blog on If You Want to Lead, Read by Jon Coleman, you will pattern yourself with the world’s biggest billionaires – Buffet and Bill Gates – and understand what they have in have in common: They read to lead. Warren Buffet is known for reading at least 500 pages a day – though, of course, that alone cannot get to become a millionaire or a billionaire for that matter.  However having a penchant for reading can improve your overall decision making and cognitive competency and lead businesses with new ideas and innovation.

Have goal orientation.  You can’t hit a goal that you can’t see – I love this simple statement by Brian Tracy! Millionaires write. They keep a journal of their daily work schedule and believe in setting goals via which they can incrementally achieve them. As Brian Tracy rightly said, what you dwell on, grows. And that is how millionaires achieve their goals – they visualize them and then work towards taking small steps until it becomes a reality. Although, visualizing goals could in some way impede the overall momentum, as we start to become a little lazy thinking we have already achieved what we have visualized; however when you write goals the probability of achieving them becomes 100 times more. So what are you thinking? Start penning or start typing you so called loft aspirations – and make them happen!

Practice focus and discipline. Having a schedule and not compromising with it even when you feel you don’t want to do that task, yet you show up and execute in simplest terms is called discipline – which the self-made millionaires have in common. They ritualize and prioritize their work in such a focused manner that it becomes second nature to them. They say ‘no’ to execute a bigger ‘yes’. So pick up these traits and start practicing to become the next big millionaire! Image courtesy of jscreationzs at