No, if you are one of them, don’t feel a sense of discomfort, as this is the new comfort zone to succeed. We are in some or more ways restless – about our jobs, personal lives, earning potential and many more. And some ironic way, we are tired of being patient with the status quo; of the reality we are seemingly living in.

Gone are the days when people think you have to be patient all the time to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While I agree to this is some ways – but not all. Patience is important; but patience in oblivion is not. You have to make things happen – right now! – while being attuned with your vision.

Gary Vaynerchuk rightly points out in his book, Why Now Is The Time To Crush It!, that if you have an all-consuming feeling to make things happen with that stirring passion to do whatever it takes to live and work entirely on your own terms, then this is the time.

While patience is important in getting long-term results, but if you have enough hustle and a direction map to keep the momentum going to achieve your results, you derive the right synthesis of patience and making things happen!

Even when there is uncertainty, live and hang on until you make things happen. Nothing transpires on its own; you make it emerge. As Robin Sharma says, you don’t get lucky, you create lucky. Well, given the way our way of living is unfolding, the closer we are to the present, the more we realize that being restless in some ways talks about our can-do, make-it-happen attitude!

While this blend has varied connotations, so here are a few that might just click with you as well.

…If you get up at 3am in the morning, thinking you have to complete your writing or journaling, no, you are not impatient, you are just hungry to serve the next day in the light of tenacity, creativity and indefatigable mindset.

… Or: If you want to reach your office at 7am and start making sales calls to build a strong momentum for the day, you are being positively restless to make some great conversations with your prospects and sound energetic while being in full reigns of the end result – make more sales!

… Or: If you feel you can read 50 more pages in the night right after you have had your herbal tea to stay on top of information in your industry, you have plain vanilla passion, dear reader.

… Or: if you have started your own business, you feel you daily office errands downplay your potential, but you know by being consistent and being aligned with your goals, you will make the final leap, you are rationally exuberant. (Well, for me that is the right explanation for being patiently restless!)

…Or: if you feel you need better results on social media, yes, you’ve got to be patient, but you work proactively to network and build relationships with like-minded professionals in your industry. This is because you are a bit restless to finally achieve your ‘being patient’ results.

So if restless seems a bit not-so-positive, consider or frame it as hunger – an insatiable appetite to make your life magic and blissful! And when coupled with strategic direction mapping and momentum results, patience doesn’t sound like a slow burn then, right?

After all, the hungriest person will always win! Be restless, be curious, and be passionate!

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