Bringing your opinion to the table is so important. 

When neutrality sets in, we just don’t conform to our status quo and shake things up.

Not to say that a voice rhythm is not important, but just try and bring your POV with a dash of emotion and rationale to why you state what you state – and see the ripples of new conversations blossoming.

Sometimes conversations need a new angle to be approached with, to be able to drive at new conclusions. Which is why your opinion could bring a fresh perspective to the banality that you see in the patterns of conversations that happen around you all the time.

Now, this doesn’t mean everything needs your opinion – especially when things are going in the right direction. It just means understanding conversations by embracing all opinions to be able to bring light to what works for the situation at hand. There’s a great saying, ‘Outcome over ego.’

Just focus on the problem, and you will have better opinions to frame for making better, more informed decisions.

A fresh slate of opinions, over a period of time, can help you carve your narrative on the web. And surprisingly, this very narrative can help you discern what values you believe in, what principles you embody as a personal brand, and what emotions you make people feel when they read about your opinions.

Isn’t this the way we all should study personal brands? By not just giving a broader look at what you like, but why you like something so deeply that you have entrenched opinions (said and unsaid) about people, brands, businesses and things in general?

Go ahead and say those words that you feel so deeply about something. Chances are your audience secretly wants you to be yourself, even when you gloss over the wide views of other people and then think of forming your opinion.

Passing on the mic to you! We are listening 🙂

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash