Ever kept your favourite diary wherein you keep you daily tab on what you need to get done in a given day? Journaling is another conversation we have with ourselves when we pen things down – sort of wires our brain into mindful thinking; gets us back to our inner governance.

Even when you feel you haven’t done something substantive on your workday, writing opens up a sense of agency in the way our minds stay active and progressive. Writing can never dupe you into feeling constantly tanked , and neither does it make you feel less accomplished. In hindsight, it actually helps you measure your yardstick of refined and radical thinking with new views and possibilities that you’d never imagined.

A friend of mind once told me: ‘you are feeling short of words or expression? Use your refined thinking – can take you on an expansive sort of thought flight, or can make you a naturally abrupt but wise consensus-builder.’

This is not to say that you have to exhaustively document everything down. In fact, it is to possibly capture the essence of your day into insights that best reveal solutions when they are written down or penciled on a paper where your rawness of words meets the grace of your imagination. That’s when the magic of creation happens. You birth something. An insignificant thought in your mind starts to unfold the emerging impetus to how you read, observe and think – and now write.

Slowly, this thinking shapes up and further sharpens in its impact when you deliberately but intentionally express with writing. Maybe ‘write like you talk’ sounds more to you like ‘write like you imagine’ and then it comes in your aperture in the form of beautiful string of words. Thinking is rooted in our deepest reservoir of unprocessed words and emotions that need an outlet – a way just just flow, like I say, ‘let the muse flow.’

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash