Like I mentioned earlier, whether you like it not, you are already a brand (though, of course, of your own kind).


Over a period of time, you leave traces of your brand for others to observe or follow suit.


And some traces/ patterns might be inspiring while others reflect your shortcomings or inadequacies in meeting your own brand’s expectations, of being somewhere.


Now this is understandable: you are not always a prim-prom perfectionist in whatever you do or showcase as a brand. We all are humans, and we all make mistakes. Although we will have high expectations for ourselves, we still need to be kinder to our self for not being that ideal in our very own eyes.


So to say, let’s look at building a strong personal brand that stands the test of time.


So what are those signs that instantly tell you that you have come a long way in building a strong personal brand?


  1. You forgive yourself.
  2. You never stop.
  3. You practice self-awareness – and pivot.
  4. You embrace criticisms – and accelerate.
  5. You always think from a growth-mindset.
  6. You believe in evolving steadfastly instead of setting lofty expectations when it comes to meeting your goals.
  7. You establish thought leadership, relentlessly.
  8. You devour books (yes, this point is included). You invest massively in yourself.
  9. You hug your haters and ‘get’ their point of view, too.
  10. You help more than others: you’re a go-giver.
  11. You treat failures as lessons – and as memoirs of your life for others to seek inspiration from.
  12. You invariably start to become a life coach (of your own life, first).
  13. You write – and write a lot, consistently (now don’t dismiss this point just because you don’t write; you can always start writing and make it a habit).
  14. You’re driven beyond a purpose (no purpose can limit your potential of believing something bigger than the whole).
  15. You always add value to every conversation.
  16. You are not scared of failing; actually, you love to learn more.
  17. You’re crazy curious.
  18. You’re persistent – and with a ‘winning’ attitude to sail through adversities.
  19. You are creative in voicing your merit.
  20. You’re focused and undeterred in the face of ebbs and flows in your life.
  21. You ‘connect’ with your ecosystem.
  22. You reflect on your brand, consistently.
  23. You have an undying passion for life.
  24. You are patient – and believe in the fruits of your labor.


Do feel these signs click with you, too?


Any more you’d like to add that you relate to, apart from these?


Let me know!