Now many of you would think why wouldn’t I just focus on them?

In today’s fast-paced and a frenetic world, shouldn’t we just look at the outcome and stave off from everything else?

When we are constantly working to achieve our results – it could be losing 20 pounds in 4 months or could be winning the much-critical sales pitch that will give you a promotion or simply could be to blog more rigorously – it could be anything. Then should we not judge our progress yardstick by the results?

And isn’t it rational to assess our pace of achieving milestones by what we have concretely accomplished?

Otherwise we would be making bogus generalizations; strange, abstract and painfully vague assessments of our progress.


Not quite.

Then what is it that we should tenaciously evaluate ourselves for?

It’s habit.

Our constant mini steps to make something second nature to us is what we should focus on.

Our habits are our anchors for success.

What we make ourselves is what we get out of ourselves – simple.

Setting goals is alluring, but executing it with consistency is a habit of excellence!

And many of us may not claim to be consistent – and that is why we need to get into a habit; a consistent ‘ritualistic’ regimen that helps us achieve even the most grandiose goals for a year.

But how?

Have a strong and an intent desire that develops into a flame of success. And develop focus until you know that you’re focused – be an outcome of process and experience.

With 2016 fast approaching, our goal should be to achieve our goals with a habit – something which guides us to our bigger purpose. While specificity always pays off when we have to achieve our desired outcome, developing a habit via mini wins alters the definition of outcome. Our habits are our miniatures of incremental yet astounding success – that beats even the most challenging results we want to achieve.

They may not lead us to big results from the get-go, but they help us revel in our promise to become so good, that people can never ignore us.

So no matter what outcome you envisage of, never lose sight of your present ability and the desire to win as a habit. It is your habit that will propel you to think of what you strive to become  as a goal.

So focus on habit, not outcomes; which in the need will become your outcome – an outcome to get into a habit and working monomaniacally towards constantly making it work for you.

How do you plan to achieve your results in 2016?