You hear a lot about ‘success’ – in different versions. Naturally, because success can oscillate between quantitative version to qualitative version, or perhaps somewhere in between.

But to put some thrust into it and carve an agreeable definition of a successful personal brand doesn’t hurt, right?

Otherwise, we would all be ‘typically’ successful as a personal brand in some way or the other. Which, to an extent, is true. Success is a mindset game. Nothing else.

But, hear me out.

While being successful is everyone’s capability, it takes massive bouts of a mix of elements once weaved into your ‘seemingly successful definition’ that can give you fairly progressive results.

  • Plan in reverse. A recent study suggests that backward planning helps you envision your goals, reduces your anxiety and creates excitement to work progressively towards your personal and business goals. So, typify your targets – short-term and long-term – and make an anchor point of peak efforts you need to put in to realize your eventual goal. For example – you want to author a marketing book, start writing 2000 words every day for a month or two depending on your subject and content and work backward on the sub-sets of your anchor point – in this case, it’s 2000 words.


  • Focus on longevity: of thoughts, plan, and actions. Your brand won’t sustain in the long-term if you don’t align your personal branding plan in alignment with what your market demands. Competitive advantage, in today’s market dynamism, is not that relevant. What’s relevant is your learning agility, which can help you traverse the crests and troughs of your business/ brand and accurately navigate in your industry via insights-backed content. If your content is thought- through, keeping in mind what your customers need/ want/ desire, you are on way to be successful with your genuine customer-care viewpoint.


  • Learn. Educate. Repeat. While everyone wears a badge of a ‘personal branding expert’ in their respective businesses, very few actually understand the weight of being called one successful personal brand. I don’t intend to dissuade you from chasing your personal branding badge, but it’s actually a hustle – of working ahead of your industry’s thought leadership. It is going beyond the question of ‘what’s brewing’ to ‘what’s next’ and ‘what’s anticipatory?’ Start thinking ahead of the curve, question the status-quo and establish a qualified perspective via being creative yet fair, and scientific yet imaginative. Balance your wonder with lamentation – and see how your business ecosystem can benefit from your thought leadership.


The enlisted 3 ways would actually help you come closer to success – and give you your own version of ‘success’ definition, but this time based on weaving these elements into your personal brand’s experience.

How do you define a successful personal brand?