A question I often come across in my meditation practice. And the answer seems to reveal itself in new, interesting ways.

Given the current pandemic and the ensuing reset of how economies will operate in this new normal, you’ll have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay competitive in the market.

You’re as good as your last act – it’s time you future-proof yourself and your career by thinking long term with willingness and drive.

Face it: competition in the talent market – be for for gigs, contract positions, consulting or full time jobs – is increasing in intensity and pace. In the digital era, skills such as analytical thinking and innovation, active learning, technology design and programming, emotional intelligence, among others, are in demand.

So naturally, emphasis should be given to where you want to be in the next year or two as well as 5 years down the line. You see, both short term and long term learning agility to grow must develop for you to thank your future self with grace.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, business owner or a progressive corporate executive/ manager, you’re already a brand, whether you acknowledge it or not. Which is why, always see the broader canvas of your career and address the below questions to take both a macro and micro view of where you’d like to be in the future:

1) What types of courses you’d like to take to apply them to your work?
2) How badly do you wan to be there? In essence: what are your emotional and self-expressive drivers to become the most amazing version of yourself?
3) On the trust barometer, are you enabling a trusting ecosystem for your brand? Indications: creating an industry research report, performing consistent content cadences, contributing in CSR initiatives or any social issue of concern to you to address the bigger problem and present the solution to your market stakeholders?
4) Who are your personal board of directors? Who do you look upto? How do you envision your future in alignment with their feedback and vision for you?
5) What is your worldview as your evolve to become your better self?
6) Which communities of practice will you join to become a part of a bigger cause, which your future self feels proud of?

Are you set to thank your future self?