Ever felt in a sticky wicket only to be found clueless about how to navigate the situation you’re in?

You’re not alone.

Everyday we experience new possibilities and challenges which we need to go through to channelize our mind to think different and anew.

But it is not always easy to simply to get through things; it takes more than maturity or wisdom (as some might say) to pass through such paths with less effort (no I’m not talking lazy – just human resilience).

So what does it take to simply experience with more awareness and less stress?

Reframe your mind to think on a different wavelength at the helm of your gut and thinking- per the challenge that constantly pushes you to shake the status-quo. To stir the inadequacies of what seemed promising at first but turned out to be completely different.

Simply put, think again – but this time in a more granular way, so you get clarity on the ‘why’ behind the problem/ issue/ challenge. This exercise will change the neurology of your brain and help you arrive at a consensus to problems more elegantly and with less stress.


1) When you reframe your mind in a given situation, you’re open to think about new avenues, possibilities and thought patterns. This gives you freedom to explore what’s there that could be included to make more informed business and personal decisions.

2) As a company brand, you rethink your way to see what other unrelated brands are doing in the market to stay afloat in the market.

3) Reframing your mind can also help you shift your focus to deliberate optimism balanced with pragmatism.

4) You become solution-oriented instead of wallowing in your thoughts that don’t see the end of what your pictured in your mind.

As for pivot?

Reframing is a muscle. The more you get good in redirecting your focus on new possibilities, the more you sharpen the saw and widen your perspective about your business and life. Gradually, you adjust to new advancements in your business. Better yet, pivot to sustain and also thrive.

How do you reframe your thoughts to pivot sensibly?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash