Covid-19 has changed some things for all of us – at least for the now and near now. Things like socialising in person or working in person seems like a distant reality. Things like those intimate in-person conversations, which we so dearly miss with our peers, mentors and our families feel so far, faraway.

Today, as I write this post, I somehow managed to listen to my inner indulgence to work out of my favourite cafe- and it feels so different and alive!

Crucially, you should listen to your inner quiet – that inner voice that needs some respite from the corners of your heart that you can never really lean onto because of your ‘busyness’.

Given the chaos we are all in, I urge you to make some time for quiet – be it a day without social media or perhaps a digital detox once a while based on your work schedule. When you create some quiet time, you explore the best of your creative genius and a constant purging of your soul.

Quiet time can help you evolve your perspective of business, life and purpose. Maturity can then take birth from that place of quiet and solitude that comes with it.

Whether you want to make some art or write your beauty blog post or just simply be, you’ll slowly start enjoying your ritual.

Quiet teaches you what’s the void and what’s the filler. It makes you more self-aware to create your mark in the world in ways in which you like to express.

Especially in this pandemic, you can find some calm in this chaos through your quiet inner refection and soul-purging.

So go ahead and listen in to some quiet – it will reveal you to yourself in wonderful ways you’d never could imagine and feel. And then express yourself from that place of truth and bliss that makes you – you.

Thanks to Hannah Olinger for sharing their work on Unsplash.