The beautiful synchrony of music and writing? It’s magical!

Picking up some humming from one of my favorite musical muse Colonial Cousins, ‘Something about the way you smile, I may never know the reason why.’ More like, ‘Something about the way you write?’ (Warm smiles!)

This wondrous song blends the grounded traditional culture of India with the beautiful symphony of the effervescent English musical texture and broader cultural canvas.

So, I recently read an amazing LinkedIn post on how the music so implicitly resonates with the way we write.
Here’s the thing: You are a beautiful song. You have your voice. You have your wits. You have your lyrical sensibility. You have a unique rhythm. You have a creative flow of drumming with your own tunes. You have a vivid soul in its own larger mosaic.

And this is how we flow. This is how we create any form of art. By infusing our love into all that ‘it’ is called in this world. Writing is so much like these miraculous, serendipitous chords of our thoughts that we feel and express.
Sometimes we instantaneously dawn upon our deeper realization. And sometimes we keep articulating to give some refined thinking to our understanding of the subject we write about.

In all, we write like we hum. And we hum as we write. Sometimes expansive; sometimes transitory; sometimes sacredly; sometimes implicitly; sometimes literally; sometimes metaphorically; sometimes objectively; sometimes subjectively.

Are you getting my rhythm?

This is how I write. This is how I drift into my aperture. Slowly pick up my pace, but in a beautiful ‘between’ me and my audience.

If you go deeper, creating a good writing draft is also an extension of how we compose music in our minds – inadvertently.

Ever wondered about a spark of a sound in your mind when you were cooking, gardening, or taking a short brisk walk?

Maybe you were taking a cold shower and some serendipitous tune peps you up effortlessly?

Yes, it happens. That’s how our mind works – like a cohesive, binding force between all our latent and active senses.
Music has the power to help us express our unsaid emotions and thoughts. And this, too, with a beautiful cacophony of different chords that create something we look up to. It brings forth the enthusiasm of the soul, which then, the soul beautifully transports to our minds for us to express them in words. More so, each chord is like a beautiful emotion that melds with our innate human expression and together it creates a creative dance of words.
Music is the rhythm; writing is an expression of our cadences: the vessel for creating a lasting impact on our audience.

So, next time when you feel you are arriving at an impasse on your writing feat, just listen to your favorite music for a while, imagine what your soul feels listening to it, and then just write with the flow. With time, your writing will be the composition of your own kind of gorgeous musical message!

The best part? Your audience will join you in your musical momentum!

You tap into your highest reservoir of creativity! Oh, and it’s so much easier than you thought!

Have you tried it?

Photo by Vladislav Glukhotko on Unsplash