Yes, I said that: although deeply I feel I can acclimate as an ambivert, and perhaps, that’s more comforting to say. But who I really am is an introvert who is constantly navigating my emotions and balancing myself by practicing meditation.

So: an Introvert marketer, you say?

I’m referring to people who perhaps enjoy their coffee alone with their laptops in a cafe – okay, to give you some respite, occasionally. 

For more than a decade, I’ve lived my life in blissful and designed solitude for my mind and soul to evolve.
But the reality is – it’s not that easy. In fact, it’s barebones tough and tiring, and sometimes depleting.

Expressing myself has been easier on the paper or this not-so-exposed blog. But talking and really talking it out as a brand marketer? Umm…not that easy-peasy. Although yes, when you have a deep conversation, it works as therapy. But with who? And when? And where? Only time can decide.

So now let’s nudge back to the topic of this blog post: Really? Thrive as an introvert, let alone being a marketer, so to tag yourself, with a responsibility to engage with your community and brand and all your stakeholders?

Almost feels like I am humming – ha! Let me second that: humming chalantly – that’s how it flows the best.
While we all have our moments of introversion  – where somehow we just love being with ourselves and our frailties and vulnerabilities. It kinda feels safe that way. But here’s the truth you need to know: we are all unique with our gifts. And if introversion can teach us to be ourselves even when the world feels a bit different, you can still find your place to write and sing your life’s song – with confidence and grace, and wonder.

Let’s get to understanding – no matter which end of the spectrum you are on  – of an introvert or an ambivert or an extrovert – we are all marketers. Whether you’re a number-crunching accountant, a salesperson, a beautician, or a social media maven of your company, or anything, for that matter, you need to market yourself.
Here’s how:

  1. It’s okay to be conversationally quiet. Just listen to your audience. And then comment profoundly with a good ‘think’ infused into your writing. Per Erica Dhawan, the author of the ‘Digital Body Language: How To Build Trust & Connection, No Matter The Distance’ – ‘writing is the new listening’. When you truly listen to what’s being expressed, you become a more intuitive and empathetic marketer. 
  2. Write for your kind of tribe. Accepting your idiosyncrasies doesn’t mean you are ‘weird’ – you are just a good type of weird who can relate to the emotional undercurrents of your audience pretty darn well. Take pride in that even when it feels debilitatingly pompous. Well, not quite. It’s actually what your audience wants from you. They want you to get them – and get them at the most fundamental level – like gut-fillers: aka, marketers who complete you and quietly relax you by understanding your rationalizations – personal and professional. And then? You are light, peppy, surprisingly heard, and refreshed!
  3. Focus on building your owned asset. The best form of creating a long-term, resonant market presence? Start creating content on your owned properties – like your website, your blog, or your vlog. Introverts have a hard time promoting things – though they do it in their intentional ways – their voice stands out when they opine without being compared to anyone on the web or other platforms. So the most comforting place to start expressing yourself as an introvert? Your own ’thing’ – a place which you call your home. When there’s an overflow of unsaid thoughts, it’s best articulated unapologetically via a blog/ or your website.

That said, before being attributed as an introvert, you are a human – and that’s the best gift nature has given you. Just feel proud about how far you’ve come and show up proudly for who you are and not what people want you to be. A slightly skewed statement, but go deeper on your values and emotions that have shaped you over a period of time. Marketing is all about understanding humans and illuminating them with a guiding compass to tread in the right direction. Trust me, that’s how brands last a lifetime and beyond.

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash