Let’s focus on you. This post is submerged into what makes you, you, and what slowly melts into a larger version of you when you’re ready to meet time at the right time.

We ebb and flow, dawn and dwindle, teether and traverse – everything we experience in life is more of our soul’s collective imprint on what we wish to manifest in our lives.

Sometimes we try mightily only to realize that ‘trying’ is adjusting to our life’s compass. And that’s when we take charge of the baton and walk with resiliency to reach our goals. And sometimes we view ’to course correct’ as a way to advance on our short-term goals.

You see, trials are not always tribulations. They challenge our thinking, shake our ground reality and imbibe us with lessons we should learn from new contexts of our lives.

Gary Vaynerchuk very promptly said this: ’New data means new decisions.’

And so, when we face trials – be they personal or professional – we adhere to the new now. We comply with what’s not in our best interest. Course correction is a sign of making meaningful contextual decisions that help us move past what’s not serving us anymore.

But that doesn’t mean course correction is some short-term-pivot-oriented cute, comforting word. Quite contrarily, it is truly listening to your inner voice and being aware of patterns that make our lives infinite. 

Trials are calls to being true to your character. When you truly know what’s not you, you become more of who you are – and that’s being committed to your true self in a sea of sameness.

Course correction is innately reaching for the person you always yearned to be.

So just take a deep breath, and imagine, how many times you’ve been through these trials that called for you and how many times you wanted to make those ‘deep’ alterations in your path so you could see clearly and vividly the person you always deeply wanted to be?

Some more soul-stirring, abstract questions to give ‘specificity’ some respite:

  1. Have you ever witnessed how far you’ve come? 
  2. Do you remember the last time you were intensely challenged to be who you are, even when you were questioned on your deepest values, principles, and morality?
  3. Have you ever experienced a strange twinge in your heart on what’s right for you yet felt agony on why the present didn’t comply with your desires?
  4. Have you ever heard a stack of no’s on your most beautiful expectations from this gift called life and realized that taking a decision that rings true to your soul’s core gave you such an enchanted state?
  5. Have your tried and erred and then tried and erred, again? Repetition of errs gives us an enduring longing and awareness for what’s suitable for us.
  6. Do you see the divine play for you?
  7. Do you realize that trials and course correction distill divine information to us in the form of meeting new people, embracing more experiences, and observing this ‘messy beautiful’ thing called life? Well, change is always gorgeous in the end! (Robin Sharma’s words of wisdom).

So, next time, you feel out of place or you lose your sense of balance, I urge you to indulge in your ‘larger than life’ pursuits.

It is then these trials and course corrections will pale away in the memoir of your great self. 

Happy self-corrections!

Photo by Umit Y Buz on Unsplash