This sounds trite. But it’s not. We are all inundated with more and more work. And trying to cope with new challenges – personal and professional – at some point drain us down. We are left with no energy to feel our special ‘creative self’ that we have in us: for things that really matter.

Whether it’s gardening or baking your favorite strawberry cheese cake or calling your long missed friend from far away – making time will keep you more purposeful.

While I could have written ‘create’ time – and it’s a lovely, nourishing, energizing work. But I settled with ‘make’ as it sounds and feels more intentional – somewhat deliberate.

Use this word more: ‘make’.

It will help you put things into actions. Things that you love doing – and are not.

And also make time to be idle. Just do nothing (no, it’s not a weighty word – sounds like an oxymoron, right?)

Okay – now I’m getting the flow. (See? Perks of being idle and not thinking you’re idle.)

Let’s get it.

Make time to:

  • Be more of you and less of others.
  • Simply observe – forming no opinions or your unintentional skewed perspective on things.
  • Love yourself more (while thinking in vastness is inspiring, but we have less time – let’s be honest).
  • Thank yourself to be so great this far – yes, you have been awesome!
  • Just care without expecting anything in return (trust me, that’s the real chase).
  • Have more courage every single day. Life can sometimes get downright threatening and sometimes overpower you, but you are stronger than this thought.
  • Speak to yourself – in raw, honest, real terms. You will feel much lighter when you accept and acknowledge yourself.
  • Spend more time with nature – it’s the best healer!
  • Understand people. Everyone has a story.
  • Think more positively.
  • Become better in every form.

Let’s not forget that when you ‘make time for yourself’, you express your own version of originality, which will help you articulate what your personal brand stands for.

So, it’s time to make some time 🙂 and live your life more fully.

Have you got some ‘make time’ moments? Savor them. Live them. Seize them.