This pandemic has tried us a lot – in ways which only our little corner of endurance knows.

But to think of it in hindsight, we are all growing in this endurance as strong and resilient individuals.

Sometimes we’d be way more overwhelmed with the continuity of this crisis, but a little hope of seeing what’s coming keeps us optimistic.

In listening to Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg on resilience, I loved how they explained how can we can cope with sudden crisis or devastating occurrences. They write that resilience is like a muscle – it can be built-up. Isn’t this powerful?

So here are a few ways in which you can grow with resilience.

Gratitude. When you show more acceptance with people and life, you become more grateful fo what you have at present. Your gravitas are your people and things that matter the most to you and expressing love to them helps you develop strength to move through unsettling times. When you have more compassion for yourself, you express a deeper compassion for others – which makes you and your relationships complete. So if any tough situations cross your path, you see a ray of hope and illumination, which teaches your mind to seek wonder and solace as this too shall pass.

Seek within. Listen to yourself as answers are right inside of you. Develop a ritual to connect with yourself for 15-30 minutes. Some say it is meditation; while others think it’s just me-time. Whatever you call it, park yourself on a chair and go deep into your subconscious. Let the cleansing of your thoughts take place so you can fill yourself with more adaptive energy to cope up with tough situations or new pivots. (I practise Ziva Meditation – and I have seen amazing results in building my resilience over a period of time.)

Purpose. Pain. Perseverance. When you have a purpose, you are innately aware of being patient to see results. As is with resilience. Go to your pain – not to fester or ruminate, but find meaning in what nature has in store for you. Pain teaches you patience with a doze of real optimism in challenging times. This is when even a glimmer of hope keeps you alive and bold for the rest of your life – which reflects in your thoughts, words and deeds.

No-one can predict what the future has in store for all of us. But we can all believe in ourselves and build strength to become better version of ourselves.

How are you developing as a resilient person?