A question asked in good faith.

As we increasingly read about how the future of work is emerging as remote, how agreeable are we with this new phenomenon?

Most corporates have already created a hybrid work engagement with their employees: part office, part remote/ work from anywhere.

However, to truly get the best out of remote working setup, here are a few questions I’d urge you to consider when figuring out your remote work arrangements.

Are you employees well-connected with collaborative self-service tools at work?
How gratified are your employees with your company culture especially now that you go remote/ virtual? Are your values embedded in your work streams? Do they feel it/ experience it?
Are your employees more digitally connected and contributing more fully to work?
What kind of work-life balance / integration stories are emerging from this new work-normal?
How often do you check-in with your employees to understand their work from home/ remote challenges? Do they feel heard and being listened to?
Do you have virtual work sync-ups where you invite your employees for tea chats/ coffee conversations apart from work?
How much importance you place on mental health of your employees given that the pandemic, no matter how digitally connected we maybe, we’re still with ourselves?
Are you taking care of office equipment and work from home relevant costs of your employees?
Is remote working propelling your brand to further strengthen your community and business ecosystem with new-found inspiration and business epiphanies? And why not be expressive about it?
How much more purpose-driven have you become as a result of this ongoing remote colloquy?
What’s your one-on-one cadence with your employees in this pandemic (a different variant of question 5)?
Is the feeling of remote helping your employees to be more productive? Do they feel mission-critical than mere job-oriented employees? And are you taking notice of it and rewarding promptly to their success?

While remote working has a physicality element missing to it, we should not let a feeling of isolation and loneliness dwell us into lonely workers who can be chipped off by anyone, anytime.

In fact, let’s grow and thrive in our productive solitude for some time to truly find ourselves in our work-life journeys – and that’s when remote sounds just about fine! Make it a part of your work success and interesting revelations instead of festering over why we are not that physically present at our workplace.

That said, how remote do you feel while you’re remote?

Thanks to Haydn Golden for sharing their work on Unsplash.