Adding an extra ‘un’ to trust dissuades you to stop trusting?
If you ask me, ‘I won’t.’
You see, untrust helps you see the signs of not-so-promising-promise in the brand. Untrust is the story you tell yourself about your self-bias towards a brand that doesn’t ’seem’ to align/ meet  your expectations.
And trust uncovers the remainder of the story, which the brand communicates through its narrative, soul and care.
Sometimes we are busy ‘untrusting’ because we as humans are not wired for long-term connections.
We like the instant gratification, which seems to wear off after our initial attractions are over.

What keeps us with us over the long course is what we should look for, when we decide to trust a brand.

While some may feel trusting can be tricky – given the way brand emotionally mould us into their offerings and experience – but trust is actually a leveler – it’s a conversation between the story we tell ourselves and how a brand fits into those minute voids of untrust, with its stickiness of purpose and promise.
Trust is the language of a brand, in a way we understand.
So don’t find yourself off-the-corner when you don’t fit into the trust equation. You’re likelier to enjoy a bit of untrusting journey before your skepticism begins to slowly fade away.
Also: you allow your chosen brands to set up to a more long-term trust realm which brings out the best of what they have in store for you, as their ardent, loyal fans.
I’m with you, in your tryst with untrust to trust.