A great invention, a new milestone, a new adventure, a new journey – do you see a common pattern of some kind of a desire that supports our evolutionary lives?
I do.
But let me make this mean more grounded: our noble intentions, gratitude for what we are and have, a will to change our environment, all starts with a burning will, aspiration and our innate human soul.
Sometimes we outrun ourselves: in the form of burnouts, trying to meet someone else’s expectations or just scrambling for our claim to fame kind of scenarios, just for that social acceptance.
So here’s what I propose: your desire will keep you in your skin, in your game, in your life’s mission once you realise that you don’t need an external benchmarking mechanism to establish your social proof.
Quite contrarily, being strong in your inward of journey of manifesting your desire will never leave you in a void. It will fill and flow through unexpected professional and personal joys.
Desire helps you unfold your human potential instead of when you ruminate on why you just can’t get better.
Desire is the voice of both your mind and heart: a holistic fuel that keeps on inspiring you of the beauty and wonder and tenacity your possess – just waiting to come to existence.
Desire brings our your most cherished and chiseled self, unflappably giving your a reason to keep moving on: with new challenges and pivots.
And this precisely when you realise your own beautiful story arc, and what a bold and courageous human you are.
So fuel that desire in your belly; it is there for a reason, sometimes untold, but powerful for its own imminent use.
You’ve got this.
Go for it.