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So why this connect? Simple: Public relations, though, heavily focuses on media relations and being network specialists for its clients, is not just limited to getting media coverage – both online and off. It is goes beyond the conventional boundaries in which it operates: of encapsulating new age digital media tools, creating engagement and performance driven campaigns that is apt for the client yet also impacting their bottom line – and that is sales. In today’s chameleon age world, PR encapsulates a broader definition – and that is at the intersection of sales and marketing.

As a communications professional, understanding the client’s business, finding the opportunities together and then expanding the business outcomes involves sales. Whether you are in B2B set or a B2C set-up, here are 5 ways how PR helps in sales for its clients.

Listens intently. It’s wrong to assume that PR is all about bragging about company’s solutions in front of the public. In fact today, PR is all about listening, engaging and responding to the clients target audience in deducing how the client’s business is perceived by its entire ecosystem – including its employees. PR helps companies improve their positioning with its ecosystem by participating in conversations with its stakeholders – especially via online platforms. As a result, conversations lead to conversions.

Creates awareness. PR is never works out in a jiffy – it takes a lot of hard work for communication professionals to create awareness about their clients’ products or services. Constant seeding, intelligent go-to-market strategy is needed to spread the word. In other words, PR straddles amidst paid, owned and earned media to create the right ripples for the clients’ business in the market. And given today’s I-know-it-all buyers, they would invest their energy in a company that creates strong triggering points for them to follow or even learn about the company’s business.

Piques curiosity. Novelty – or any intriguing piece that impacts the prospect’s business outcomes – sparks curiosity. Today every company needs to be a publishing house. Michael Brito, in his book, Your Brand: The Next Media Company talks about empowering employees, customers and partners to tell their brand story – and true brand story. Whether a newbie PR professional or an experienced communications professional, today it’s not just the company but even communication professionals that have a voice any form of content – be it infographic, articles, blogs, videos, white papers, etc., which is good news! Journalists and reporters are excellent in ‘repurposing’ content based on contextual relevance. As a result, instead of all the pompous ads via which company promotes itself, if there is an intelligent PR behind the show who creates and curates some epic content online via third-party endorsements or even a simple press that highlights the company’s key messages, it will definitely pique the prospect’s curiosity! And will move your company an inch closer to sales.

Builds momentum. PR never even closely relates to being humdrum. It keeps humming along when in sync with content marketing; it gives a strong call to action for buyers – be it subscribing to a whitepaper, e-book or a company’s blog. The rhythmic back and forth of sharing company’s messages/ information with the buyer propels the buyer to take action.

Earns trust. PR helps companies build an authority in the market by being a constant source of content engine and a value creator for its clients. Though it is a slow burn but has huge payoffs for clients in earning trust of its customers, partners and prospects.  Consistently publishing targeted content for its buyers via communicating its announcements or major development or even minor accelerations, PR positions its clients’ business in the best light of the business context and earns their buyers’ trust by being proactive.

And plug-in your passion with PR for your client’s business, you are bound to generate a significant ROI – and eventually, sales!