There are millions of blogs on the Web – and they are only going to get more with each passing day.

Keeping tabs with your favorite blog update among the already clustered Web space is a feat in itself.

Think about it: you click on one blog post and you greet with a palette of other posts waiting to get your attention. And when you are having a blog of your own – well, you’ve got to intelligently position yourself as a trusted thought leader for people to bestow their interest in your blog, and eventually, contact you for a consultation or a work opportunity.

Like I always keep reiterating: like it or not, you are already a brand. And so this percolates down to your writing on the Web as well. How you portray your personality via your writing showcases your personal brand, in a dynamic and an iterative way: you are constantly disrupting yourself and evolving with your perspective via writing.

So delve into these starting points to present your best version of your brand via your blog.

  • Think creatively about your blog’s name. Your blog should be a representation of your enhanced perspective and passion for your subject. No one can take away your interest in your subject and no one can best know how you feel about your area of expertise. So plunge into your deepest reservoir of knowledge and think about a name that complements your brand’s charm and purpose.


  • Choose your blog theme carefully. Invest in your blog theme as it defines the overall design and architecture of your blog. The blog should be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and give a sense of alignment with your brand’s personality. For example, check out Matt Mullenweg’s blog, here: the blog title, tagline (Unlucky in cards), and the structure is creative and cool. What’s your style?


  • Lay emphasis on visual representation. Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman is perhaps one of the best examples I can give of when it comes to graphics, creative copy, and general visual representation. Visuals spark unsaid conversations that are best reflected only by your senses.


  • Write the way you talk. Well, this point can sometimes work in your favor and sometimes put you in a position of being an opinionated, straightforward-kind-of conversationalist. However, more often than not, you’d definitely win many points in being yourself instead of sounding neutral or bland when you write. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a balanced perspective, but just be yourself and always try and have a conversation with your readers– and it will show in your writing style.


What steps do you take to showcase your brand’s personality via your blog?

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