No matter how much we all talk about work-life balance, we are all equipped with a never-ending pile of to-do lists.

Our job consumes all our attention, time and energy, for a large part.

Now isn’t that some price we are paying to get a paycheck home?

So the question remains: how do we actually even think of having a side-hustle when our full-time work engulfs us to the extent that we cannot have any time for any other work at all?

And the answer is: Time is how you see it; for some it is finite; and for some, it is infinite.

Let’s put it this way: when you create some space in your mind for something, it transpires on its own.

Now that ‘something’ can be anything. For some, it may be to open your own bakery business; for some, it can be top launch their own blog; for some can be to launch their own music label – and the list can go on and on.

But the point to note here is that what might be a feat for you can be a passion project for someone else.

Your identity should never be limited to what we do in our day job – it is far more rounded than what you can imagine.

This is not to say that our day jobs don’t define our brand’s credibility – of course, they do. But more than that is what you fuel (aka your efforts) you put in your brand’s making by chasing your creative side hustle.

And there is a point, you see. You definitely have more interests and passions that want to come to fruition apart from your job.

So here are my top picks by you should have a creative side hustle for developing a more versatile and an eclectic sort of a brand.

  • People don’t see you from one pair of lens: you have more versatility to showcase – and people need to flex. their lens before they make an opinion of you (good or bad – that’s a different story).
  • You feel energized and re-grouped when it comes to your thoughts and energy. Let’s face it: you don’t want to burn out so fast by just working and not feeling fulfilled or satisfied.
  • You become more creative as your creative juices start to flow when you are immersed in something that you truly love doing (even if you start to feel tired).
  • You find meaning in the work you do.
  • You don’t feel bored and stale – you are more active and involved.
  • People find your brand more credible and multi-faceted.
  • Your following is more massive than you think.

Do you have a side-hustle?

How is it shaping up your brand?