Putting things out on the Web in a jiffy won’t help retain your brand in your audience’s mind: it’s short lived. By things I mean the occasional Tweet about your participation in the last conference you attended or sharing an emotional video about a brand that moved you a bit more than you thought, or writing a post on some hot developments happening in the ‘tech’ space. While plowing something on the Web is always better than nothing, but when it comes to making a space of retention in your audience’s mind, you know you want to build a larger, useful, and longer online ‘shelf space’ on the Web.

Your audience needs more retention and less of depletion when it comes to great content that packs up useful information with the right data chops. After all, isn’t there just already too much to think when consuming content on the Web, let alone remember and then safely store in our memory chips?

So what is it?

Focus on your audience’s growth by creating an impact with consistent writing that addresses their professional challenges and areas of massive opportunities.

Sometimes we are busy writing business without much deliberation about whether it’s creating the requisite impact on our audience to help them take action, with ease. And the irony is, it’s not about business; it’s about helping our audience via …now you can safely fill this with your business language.

You create retention by thinking like your audience and speaking their ‘customer care’ language: in words that answer their most complex questions without fluff/nonsense. Words that may sound complex, but not confusing.

All your social media updates – while they may sound fleeting and contextual – once done right with consistency alongside writing blog articles can create, like I said earlier, your brand longevity. This will ultimately put you on the pedestal of a loyal audience retainer with your helpful content.

So start ‘raining in’ great content – and stick to it diligently. You will see success!

How are you helping your audience retain your brand’s influence on the Web?

What are your go-to mantras?