At some point, we all want to step out to experience a new work culture. Isn’t it exciting to embark on a new career in a different country? But moving out may not seem to be that easy, however it’s fairly simple if you work out your career plan more carefully.

And by a large measure, it is about how you present your brand in front of the recruitment and leadership stakeholders of the company you are applying in.

But how do you cope up with an international job interview when you are so much ingrained in your own country’s work culture and general lifestyle?

So here are 3 tips that could land you in a new country with your desired career expectations, or at least close to what you aspire to be in your next role.

Have a Glocal mindset. Think like a cosmopolitan – seriously! Embrace the melting pot of different cultures and its long-term positive outcome when applying internationally. People (especially recruiters in this case) love the GQ (that is the Global quotient) that you have when you present your case for employment in a new country. The GQ shows how much culturally aware you are of new places, people, and emotions.

Build your content assets. If there is one thing that no one can take away from you when you are standing in competition with other competent candidates, who are vying for the same role, would be to have your own blog. There will be numerous resumes stacked in a pile waiting to get attention from recruiters, but what will truly be differentiating is to provide them with great content that has a certain impact. Creating your content repository will act as a defining edge in in terms of superior know-how and new know-how that you glean over a period of time for the recruiters, internationally.

Know the inner trenches of the country and the role. You just need an internet connection and a cup of tea to voraciously browse the internet and watch (and read) about the local musings of the country, like country videos, local travel and culture magazines, books and blogs – and Quora! There are so many people on the Web that provide useful information when you are relocating to a new country. It is also pertinent to read about the company stakeholders and their vision to see if that truly inspires you to work for them. Although you should read all about it and conduct your personal due-diligence, do exercise your hunch to know if the role and the place fit well with you.

Are you planning to take up an international role?

What tips do your follow?