Wait – what is DNA? And contagious? Well this sounds quite a statement.

So let me begin with this scenario: you are at work, tenaciously working and hustling to achieve your said targets for the day. But somehow you don’t think you are having a cohesive work ethic in your company. That’s a complain, by a large margin. So usually when people talk about such contexts, they usually refer to your professional behavior or work ethic or in some case code of conduct in your office. But the truth is: it is not your behavior, or disposition, or deportment, or work ethic — to me it sounds pretty much not definitive.

Then what is it all about?

Well, it is all about your DNA – your ingrained, inner, disciplined and steely existence – the very purpose of your presence in your work place; the reasons the organizations need you for your passion and commitment.

Now let’s not just limit the power of DNA just at work – it has the trickle-down effect on our other critical aspects of life as well.

So here are e few reasons how a strong DNA can bolster your relationships, work family, and life in general.

  • DNA moves – and creates a synergistic team. How? Say for example you have a slow, procrastinating team that just doesn’t want to work and they eventually tax you with more and more workload in no time – to the point that you just feel like giving up with your passionless team. What’s the panacea? Wow them like how. Wow them with your zest, unrelenting passion and efforts that propel them to be just like you – and it works! Again, but how? In the book Think and Grow Rich, the Napolean Hill states that when you have a desire backed with the ultimate image of the result, as a derivative of desire backed with faith, you magically connect with people who help you in achieving your goals. All you need is: to know their desire and intensely think about it to the point that it becomes their automatic DNA – the purpose of their existence.
  • What you dwell on grows. Brain Tracy phrased this best! Whatever you think about most of the times, eventually manifests into your reality – and it eventually becomes a part of your DNA. Your DNA is your constant mental programming of the person you are versus the person you want to be. So do enjoy this creative tryst! And see magic happen – real-time!
  • Understand our DNA’s architecture. Sometimes, we witness a flurry of thoughts evading us into places we never want to go to – but via understand your inner voice and your imagination; you can re-calibrate a better dream – one that is radical and doable. How? Observe the significant minutiae of life and stitch it together with your life’s purpose – that way, your universe will guide you and keep refurbishing your work in progress of your DNA. This slowly spills gown to your immediate surroundings that physically and psychologically manifest in ways that are aligned with your DNA.

In short: your DNA can change your fate/ life/ karma by the very intensity and the singleness of its purpose.

And, you will start to see a contagion of your DNA seeping into your work, life, business and tying it together to create a beautiful story ready to be written – and rewritten – until it becomes the core of your DNA.

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