Well, as a matter of fact, I always post my blog on a Saturday – now this has kind of become a habit and a ritual at the same time. But to tell you the truth: I feel happier and more controlled in my life when I share my experience in front of my audience via this little space.

Initially I, of course, faced some kind of friction between really transcribing everything down into a word document and my train of thoughts, but when that moment comes when you see that you are connecting with people on a completely new level via articulating sometimes even the most obvious thoughts – this trigger is enough for me to be right on time every week to write my post.

So coming back to my 8 Weekend rituals that set the tone of my 48 hour power-packed escape, I practice:

  • Gratitude. Earlier I was a little discontent with my life – always complaining and whining about what’ not there in my life. But as and when I started making small wins in my career and personal life, today I thank someone above for bestowing me with such a beautiful,  a promising career family (and as minute as a lovely cup of ginger tea made by my mom). To be grateful for what you have invariably makes you find happiness in little things in life.
  • Family bonding. That says it all – spending time with your family prioritizes your life in an instance! Take some time off just to live those special moments with your loved ones – you become more emotionally balanced and healthy with the right dose of love and ambition.
  • Reading like a nerd. Ok – this sounds a little grandiose, but that’s the kind of reading I prefer when I am all by myself on a weekend. Nevermind of it’s a political daily magazine, or a travel portal for my next solo trip. Sometimes reading a book is all you really need!
  • Solo travel. Whether it is traveling to a Hauz Khas Village or just watching a movie, or drinking a cup of masala chai while observing people in a crowded place, the truth is, I find myself when I wander. And so could you.
  • Random conversations. That moment then you bump into someone over a walk to a coffee shop and you happen to speak on everything about the world at that very instance? That’s serendipity, at least for me. You might just end up being a creative conversationalist who can talk anything under the sun via making some nice small talk – or should I say conversation?
  • The Twitter ritual. A lot of people treat Twitter just a platform for following or getting followed by others. But for me, Twitter is a medium to build you passionate community – a circle that understands and resonates with what you share online. I make sure that I take out that extra time to read every tweet, sometimes every link to a blog/ article and follow-up on conversations. That way, I think I make meaningful connections – because every connection counts!
  • To Write. And write. No, here I am not talking about a blog (though you can start incorporating this into your calendar), but write for yourself, your soul, your vision. Via creative imagination of your ideal life, you come closer to your purpose by putting pen on the paper . And sometimes, visuals do the trick!
  • Listen in – to music. Plug in your ear phones and listen to some soothing, soulful music. A recent research states that listening to music create new synapses in your brain – making you more creative, intuitive, focused and an agile learner.

So what are you doing on weekend to make it more resplendent and memorable?

Create memories for yourself – that linger on and on.

Happy weekend!