No seriously – what makes you tick?

When your job doesn’t take out the best of you but gives you some comfort of a decent paycheck, why do you have a disconcerting feeling?

Truth be told: nothing remains the same – be it in your career or personal life. The only constant thing is change.

But your sense of experiencing change hinges on one thing: what do you really love doing?

Because doing what you love, in the long-haul, helps you in embracing change more diligently. You don’t have to depend on the next job to prove your mettle, you can instantly start creating amazing content for your audience and build thought-leadership with your constant drizzling of meaningful content snippets.

You are living in a knowledge world, where most business decisions go way deeper than just a fancy presentation and deliverables to achieve; you live in a world in which people still read long-form content, watch vine videos, check out Instagram posts’ captions and deliberate on your LinkedIn summary – now this line is a bit disjointed. But people practice logic and emotion in the way they comprehend your message/ content.

When you do what you really love – all the time – you reach an epiphany: you become a memorable brand and an autopilot choice for your audience to consume your content and contact you for business.

To do what you love and doing it regardless of the fact that you are able to monetize or not will settle at one point: your willpower. If everything else fails, but you still love what you do, your willpower empowers you to still chase it and make you thrive at a certain point.

So keep ticking – hustling – and moving forth your passion: something which your inner longing beckons you to do.