Personal brand

You are on a constant beck and call with your reporting managers.

They almost always want you at any given time of the day to either complete the impending contract or work a little late up until night to finish a project deliverables plan.

And what gets even more taxing is the constant dodge by your boss to ameliorate your job skills, even sometimes when you know that you are good at what you do.

Well, to be honest, this always happens – and will happen when you are on a payroll.

But let’s turn the tables and image this scenario, where you are your own boss. Do things get any better?

Absolutely yes! However, incrementally.

When you are your own accountability partner – the person in the mirror with whom you are thoroughly reliable – you know you can inch toward more responsible and target driven actions.

But what if you are not a boss (from the job role perspective)?

I have good news for you – you can always still be your own figurative boss who may not have the job capacity but has an intrinsic sense of responsibility to finish tasks on time.

With more and more proliferation of startups coming up globally, the job market is looking for people who can own up the show for a given role and give a certain direction to the company. In fact even corporate giants are scouting for people who can make a good score in the small-business-ownership- set-up kind of work. Companies love when employees take initiatives and showcase ample drive toward completion of the job.

So it’s not the question of starting your own business to be in control of your work; it is about learning to lead responsibilities and being proactive enough to take the mantle in your hands – be it in a job set-up or a business set-up.

It’s simple: In a job you work for your company; as an entrepreneur, you work for your customers.

Now it is all up to you to lead the course of actions and work like an in[en]trepreneur in the company.

Whether you are a freelancer or a senior executive working for communications agency, if you can win the client’s trust and perform the job just like as if it is your business, you know you can become a promising customer champion – and proud owner of your incremental actions by inculcating qualities of a driven boss.

Well, many of you calling yourself a boss is a tad bit too overboard – but, it is not the title that should excite you; it is the feeling of running your own mini job business that should cajole you to get up every morning and go to work. (Remember Robin Sharma’s book, Lead without a title?)

You see, autonomy and independence though can be qualities of any individual irrespective of the person being a boss or not. But the emotive expression of the word ‘boss’ can actually make you feel good about yourself.

By being your own boss, you also improve your personal brand’s influence in the company. This is because you know how to use your strengths and also lay emphasis on your areas of improvement while executing your tasks. This has a spiraling effect on your colleagues and your business stakeholders to exercise their own 100 times multiplier strengths and take the onus of being goal-oriented and team-focused while borrowing chief attributes of  a boss-like role.

Boss your way to success (it isn’t a very bossy word if you actually understand the significance of being one in today’s day and age, after all).

It is warranted, all the more!