It’s a navigating world. We stream upwards or downwards – or simply plateau – based on our emotional range.

Intentionally creating your personal brand can help you to realise how much effort goes into shaping your narrative on the web.

Come to think of it: when you receive interest from what content you create, you are also improving your emotional responses to the feedback you receive.

Here’s the thing: when your emotional response service bureau widens, you also become vaguely personalised to what people expect from you. Which, let me tell you, is a good thing!

You can sense people’s consumption cadences, understand their emotions, feel the feelings that those emotions generate and then create even deeper and immersive content that they’d love to be treated with.

In all of this personal branding pursuit, you come back home to what defines your ‘anchor point’.

So what is an anchor point?

It is your composure. It is your grounding point where you refresh and compose the best ideas. It is a leveling ground where you love doing what you do. For some, it could be writing. For some, it could be reading or listening to music – whatever makes you humbled, restorative and creative at the comforting intersection of how these three elements play.

So when you create your next piece of content or initiate a branding campaign, go back to the ‘anchor point’ how can things emerge from a sense of groundedness yet bolster creativity and evoke feelings that make your audience feel complete, consumed and listened to.

Starting point to understand your anchor point?

Which activity brings a state of flow in your creativity?

What would you do even when you feel you are not in your best spirits – both on professional and personal front?

What looks and feels like a therapy to you at work?

Where does your soul crave home – a place? An impending idea? A missed conversation with your customer? A solitary walk? A long-awaited book project? Reading business books?

Now, stick on with activity for a few hours, you’ll discover new things! And bam! That emerging thinking pad where all your ideas brought a confluence of energy was your anchor point.

When you are in a state of agreeableness with yourself, this is when you create the ‘right’ kind of magic and equation with your audience.

Photo by Katerina May on Unsplash